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Warframe installer is 32-bit, while it's said to require 64-bit OS


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I have had a pure x86_64 bit operating system (Linux 4.19 amd64 +  Wine64 4.0), however, while Warframe is supposed to run on 64-bit machine, its installer is still 32-bit executable, which is very confusing. I have installed multilib and now other 32-bit apps work (like old computer games for windows), but Warframe doesn't work anyway, saying that support for directx 9 is not available. However, Wine 4.0 is supposed to support Dx10 out of the box. Is it possible to tell Warframe to skip checking for ram and directx version and try to start anyways?

MSI installer didn't work either.

If Warframe is supposed to be only used on 64-bit computers, why not to make its installer and all other components pure 64 bit, so it can work on Windows without wow64 (or on linux+wine64 without multilib)?

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