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After the game crashing on me mid-mission, i tried to log in to warframe again. It failed the first few times, but eventually it logged me in. I was then greeted with an image of my game from 2 months ago, from when i was new to the game. All my customisation is very old and i am MR3 with MK1- weapons instead of all my MR 14 loot. My friends list has all the friends on it that i had months ago, and i am in the same clan that i was in at the time. However, the recent players list seems up-to-date, with friends on it that i only started playing with recently.

I have never seen a bug like this in a game ever, but it is very interesting to see a game stuck in time like a time capsule, with all the weapon levels and ship customisation/syndicates etc that i had at the time.

I have restarted the game many times and of course checked my account, im positive it was the one i was playing on a few minutes ago.

If anyone is experiencing this very strange bug please let me know,

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Ok, this one is wierd. I never see a game actually regress. Go to support and ask them, what's with your account.

Fun question: Did you get the Plat you had at the time also? I'd advise you NOT to spend it.

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