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Glaives Gone Rogue - Potentially Exploitable Bug on Glaive Prime

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Whirlwind produces unusual behavior on the Glaive Prime, if the user is dual-wielding. Charging the throw until the indicator turns blue, then manually detonating/recalling the Glaive Prime at very nearly the same time as it impacts an enemy, causes the Glaive Prime to orbit the wielder; it will not be retrieved until the wielder comes close enough, and damages enemies if it strikes them. With slow enough movement, distance can be maintained and the GP can be used to attack specific enemies. This is the potentially exploitable part, especially as Glaive Prime is guaranteed to inflict a slash proc while in flight.

Using Quick Return seems to make it easier to provoke this behavior. Rebound does not appear to affect it. This perceived interaction could just be a result of timing and mistiming of the detonation.

Using Power Throw makes the behavior far more severe, and much easier to provoke. When the behavior is provoked while using Whirlwind + Power Throw, the Glaive spirals out endlessly, and will never return. Ease of provocation does not appear to be due to striking multiple targets with a throw; was able to trigger it easily several times when specifically targeting one enemy. Glaive is effectively lost each time the bug is provoked.

I equipped Relentless Combination, as well. The combination counter did not appear to increment while orbiting, regardless of Slash procs and Glaive Prime impacts.

I tested this set of mods on the Cerata, Orvius, and Falcor, with no success in replicating the issue. As an unranked Whirlwind mod did not provoke this behavior, I think it's related to flight speed somehow.

Testing was performed in the Simulacrum.

Reproduction steps:

1 - Equip Glaive Prime, with Whirlwind, Quick Return and Power Throw; also equip a one-handed Secondary

2 - Swap to Secondary to engage Dual-Wielding. Charge melee attack until indicator turns blue, then release.

3 - Activate manual detonation/recall just when the Glaive Prime strikes a target.

Suggestion: Spear guns have a recall timer; is it possible to use something similar? Calculate the maximum amount of time the Glaive should be in the air per throw, add a bumper second, and if the Glaive hasn't returned by the end of that time, teleport back to the user, for example? Having it return clearly doesn't always work, and it might be better to just put in a net, so to speak.

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