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Arbitration Pick-Up, Ability Cast and Weapon Use Broken


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So this just happened:

Went into a defense arbitration (Hydron) with Oberon (with phoenix renewal) + Smeeta kavat. Used hallowed ground and renewal frequently to heal my squadmates, everything went good - then at round 7 or 8 my kitgub stopped working (enough ammo), then primary (rubico prime). Melee still worked until I grabbed my focus and at that point I could not pick up any items anymore and couldnt cast any abilities (including operator). At round 10 I wanted to leave, but my input didnt work and so I stayed to 20, hoping it would change. Suddenly my primary worked again (until I ran out of ammo). Then at round 20, same deal, but this time my squad left - hostmigration. When I was alone, I could cast abilities again but the target died almost instantly after the enemies spawned.

I got no resources from that arbitraion (because I couldnt pick them up), my squadmates however did get them.

I hope this is any help, maybe someone encountered this bug too?

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