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Crashing and turning of the consoles


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Hey todas the Jovian Conocord was released bit when i enter to a mision ir crashes and makes my Xbox One S turn off and the problema ITS not my console ITS the game so plz fix  so we can play this updtae i was hyped for, when i start shooting ir fighting ITS when it crashes 

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16 hours ago, (XB1)ViridTag730230 said:

To me it happens whenever I melee a crate. Can do anything else fine though. Have tried it on a couple different nodes, but it only crashes whenever I do that. It has crashed three times now.

Same here. It seems it is not mutually exclusive to the ropalolyst missions.  

I was flying on the plains, to a lake to fish, jumped off my archwing, screen froze, then xbox shut down

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They think it has something to do with the graphics or so to say, there’s been posts on getting a quick fix but it’s likely going to need cert before it can roll out. Should be hopefully rolling out a quick fix some time today or tomorrow. 

18 hours ago, [DE]Jim said:

Hey again,

Unfortunately we've now detected two additional types of graphics crash in the current build, so we're back to the drawing board and looking for fixes for those before we re-submit to Microsoft. Apologies again, please bear with us while we try to correct these issues as quickly as possible.


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2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:


As we await Cert, a potential work-around in the mean time is to disable GPU Particles in Options > Display.

This isn't a pretty work-around by any means, but it's better than crashing!

Thanks again for your patience on this.

Here is a work around for the graphics bug that is causing the crash. Hope it helps

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Continuous issue here. Avoiding Warframe until it's addressed which greatly pains me since there's a time limit on the hostile mergers event. For me it's the opening moments of any mission when the lotus begins her opening speech about your mission parameters. 

I'd also like to note that I uninstalled and redownloaded the Warframe game for Xbox and it seemed to fix the issue. Until it happened again today when I collected a 75% off coupon, purchased wisp and tried to play her in a mission. 

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