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Re:Sfinx- The sphinx frame


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Sfinx- the sphinx frame

like the mythical creature, she is seen with a snake's head for a tail, lion claw on both hands and feet with a lion panter for skin and riddles for each warframe written in Orokin, and wing of an eagle. Her helmets are based around Inaro's Egyptian type disease.

Health= 150

Shield= 150

Armor= 300

Energy= 150

Her passive Claws of Isis: she increase slash damage by 25% to allies and companions


1.    Embalming: from your arms you shoot out wrapping, mummifying your target, the longer you take, the longer the hold they have on them, the wrappings also deal suffocation damage.


-10 energy per sec

Suffocation Damage per sec: 150 damage-> Level 3= 600 damage

2.    Hunting: take advantage of your animal instincts and reveal the location of all enemies including the once behind lock doors.

-25 energy per use

Enemy Radar: 25%-> level 3= 100%

Ability Duration: 15 sec-> level 3= 60 sec

3.   Canopic Jars: steal the 4 main organs from 4 living sacrifices and put them in 4 jars in order for Sfinx and her allies to get the fallowing\/Canopic-Jar.jpg

                                                 -50 energy per use

                                  Stomach 1/4= weapons have corrosive acid to take 25% of enemies armor away

                                      Lungs 2/4= glide longer

                                      Heart 3/4= regain 15% of health every 10 seconds

                                       Brain 4/4= decrease the levels of hacking by 2 levels

4.    From woman to Beast/ Beast to woman: turn Sfinx from man to beast and gain the stance and abilities of a kavat, but lose the use of all her weapon. turn Sfinx from beast to man to reverse the effects and regain use of her weapons.

 -30 energy per use

1.    Garudas Neuroptics
2.    Sfinx Neuroptics= 1,500 Alloy Plates] 350 Polymer Bundle] 500 Plastids] Saryn Neuroptics] 15,000 Credits
3.    Sfinx Chassis= 1,000 Nano Spores] 300 Plastids] 100 Oxium] Valkyr Chassis] 15,000 Credits
4.    Sfinxs Systems= 300 Polymer Bundle] 1,600Nano Spores] 500 circuits] Zephyr Systems] 15,000 Credits
5.    25,000 Credits

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