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Re: Final edit: A New Chapter The Plague's Queen


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A New Chapter The Plague's Queen
By: BloodWolfFang

this happens after one of the quests on West Waste.

After the creation of the bio weapon code name "Pestilents", a group of Orokin scientist decided to make a cure for Orokin kind, with the help of a sentient named Ahatan (comment down below what you believe the sentients name should be), an old friend to Nataha. She was their to analyze and study the infested plague on Eris, but they were attacked, witched caused the labs generator to over heat and exploed, sending infestation across the planet. The Seven decided not to send a rescue team to Eris, even if their was a chance the team survived the onslot, nun shed a tear, excepted for Nataha. For years Ahatan was exposed to the infested, for years her mInD, BecaME tWISsted And REmolDED, SHe No LONger LIves, oNly I rEMAn, If sHe LoTus, Then i'M WILTED LOTUS, THE INFESTED QUEEN.

(If Nataha lives in The New War Quest) The Lotus wakes from a dream, in her mind she feels something twisted, looking for her, the same way Hunhow did to find the Operator.

The quest starts with the Lotus inviting the tenno, to meet her at her in your personal room on the orbiter, not as a warframe just the tenno. When you reach her, she tells you her dream, and reminds you on how Hunhow and the mother got into her mind, she tells you not to worry, then she tells you, in little details, about how Eris fell to the infestation, After words you suddenly get pinned by what looks like a giant infested spider, Lotus try to help but at the moment she moves she is psychically immobilized, then a dark figure appears, every step it took infested rapidly grows on the gound, the figure talked softly and with a lips, (lipssssssssssss), it grabs Lotus by the neck, lift her off the ground, then carried her to the infested room, then they both sank in to the infested ground below, the last thing you see is a glimpse of the figure's glowing red eyes, later you are then saved by Umbra, as he knocked the monster off of you, witched crawled into the infested room, then it too sank in to the infested, Ordes later contacts Teshion, who later asks you what happen, you tell him all you know and saw.

(If Nataha dies in The New War Quest) Teshion contacts you and tells you that their have bin an increase in infested activist, you are then lead to the lotus's helmet witch is now covered in infestation, apon touching it you are sent horrifying images, and the words The Eris incident, you then tell Teshion and he sends you to the Void for more info,

The next mission is a spy mission in the void, as you and Teshin look for more info on the Eris incident, you and Teshin discovered that Ahatan, was on Eris, that the attack was orchestrated by an enemy they never thought possible, and that the bacteria for the infested was found off the Zariman 10-0. Around the end the figure apperars and said it captured Teshin, then tells you she is the name Wilted Lotus, Queen of the infested, and says if you want to see Lotus and Teshin again, then you have to come to Eris's surface.

Ordis plead to you not to go, then he receives a message from Alad V, giving you cornets to two mission, one a spy so you can finish the infested cure code, and a survival mission to collect parts for a super cure of the infested daises, you can use on Wilted Lotus. 

This is were the first part of the quest gets more intense, so set up your warframes, weapons, and companions with the strongest of mod you know you can survive on.

Part 1; Ordis drops you and your warframe on Eris, then leaves you, you look around, and you find yourself in an infested forest, when you move through the level you will see an infested cave, swamp, grasslands, mountains, dessert, beach, oceans, lakes, volcanoes, and finally an infested city. in each reagent you'll have to fight a different/ new series of infested bosses. Through out the level, ordis and the leaders of the syndicates will take turns talking, Loka - hex in that order.
I have no art skills, so i have no picturs exept consept ones.

Forest= Aracnoid (infested manic, wip) Consept by N4n0-1805: https://www.deviantart.com/n4n0-1805/art/Warframe-Infested-Manic-wip-559071293

Caves= Glow Widow (phorid 2.0) Consept by Artarrwen: https://www.deviantart.com/artarrwen/art/warframe-phorid-2-0-555649266

Swamp= Monko Tri (Puss Ancient) Consept by Dejan Ostojic: http://artofdejan.blogspot.com/

Grasslands= Visonia (unknown) Consept by Yuicne: https://www.deviantart.com/yuicne/art/Infested-Design-Warframe-454357446

Dessert= Vines Catice (Earth Colossus) Consept by Doguin: https://www.deviantart.com/doguin/art/Earth-Colossus-213957369

Beach= Snarle (Prominence) Consept by Gia, subitted by JackNewbie555:

Oceans= Noxion (Sharp Head) Consept by DarikaArt: https://www.deviantart.com/darikaart/art/infestedDESIGN-ENEMIES-OF-THE-TENNO-WARFRAME-452111854

Volcanoes= Magmuk (Infested Jackal) Consept by Kedemel:

City preboss= Infezilla (Infested Hellmother) Consept by Blazbaros: https://www.deviantart.com/blazbaros/art/Warframe-Infested-Hellmother-568129899

City Derelict ship= wilted Lotus stage 1 (Ender) Consept by gaber111: https://www.deviantart.com/gaber111/art/Warframe-concept-Ender-463377438

                                                  stage 2 (arachne) Consept by Typhoon bomb: https://www.deviantart.com/typhoonbomb/art/Spider-575062991

Wilted Lotus (aka Ahatan) BEFORE Consept by Lukinu-u: https://www.deviantart.com/lukinu-u/art/Warframe-Sentient-Arm-723157542

Part 2: you reach a familiar, infested covered Derelict ship in the middle of the city, you enter through an infested doorway. Every step you took, familiar sounds, and memories start to appear in your head. The closer you got to the cockpit, the intents the memories became, once you reached the door they stopped, you enter the room to see it was turned in to a throne room, fill with hives every where, in the back you see both Teshin and Lotus, bound and suspended up in the air, they tried pleading with you leave them, you disagreed with them, and got blind sided by Wilted Lotus, knocking you out of your warframe.

After she creeps over to her throne and call you weak and insignificant, with you, Teshin, and Lotus saying otherwise, she then pries into your mind.
You see the Zariman incident, and the time after with Margulis. Then it stops on the point where your warframe was put in it's pod, then you find your self waking up in a room you barley recognize, then you heir the Lotus say you are trapped in a memory and your only way out is to let things play out no matter how horible they are, later you see Margulis.

Depending on all your choices defines your memory of this whole event, (later you can go back and see what all the other choices, will let you see of that pass), on the part of seeing Margulis, in the end well i'll keep that to my self, but it ends with you freeing your mind, then you try to cure Wilted Lotus, After that you get to the last choice, one choice will lead to a timed event, the other a spy to timed event, And a new ship mate.


Edited by (PS4)BloodWolfFang
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