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Diluted Thermia Event Is Atrocious, Fix It

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What’s so atrocious about it you ask? Well it’s actually not that bad, it’s simple enough to do, pretty mind numbing and boring but not the worst thing ever, except that you can’t actually play it because the stupid fractures are a pain in the ass to find 


  Seriously, each fracture takes 5-15min to find in this giant frozen hell hole, especially ones hiding under the stupid mushrooms or near the lights that have the exact freaking same color as the fractures so good luck finding them when you get confused every time you see one especially when the fracture is right next to one, and don’t forget about the beautiful warm time that DE is so proud of with it’s lighting and all the other redundancies which also has the same color as the fractures which means the whole map is basically a giant camouflage for these stupid cracks 


  And to top it all off, only 1 stinking fracture spawns in this whole stupid map which you have to find it while worrying about all the S#&$ I mentioned above, which is an obvious downgrade from the actual event where 4-5 spawned, all near the temple of profit so you know where to find them. I’m fed up with this crap after wasting 30min trying to find the 4th fracture and just gave up because it’s nowhere to be found....and DE wants to change Blink because it’s ‘too good’ while we have to deal with crap like this 


  If this is a bug or if there’s something I’m missing then by all means let me know, I just wanted to rant this away. You can look at it as such but there’s still valid points in here imo 



  Thank you for reading 


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