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Jovian Concord Clan Trophy


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like the title says, im looking for information on the amount of points required for a ghost clan to obtain the rights to build one. i've looked and looked, its probably right under my nose, but i couldnt find the information anywhere. any help would be -greatly- appreciated.

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Operation: Hostile Mergers

Clan Trophy Tier Rewards:

Your Clan will be eligible for Operation trophies if you've got what it takes! Our intention is that if roughly 50% of a clan of a given tier is active and participating, they can earn a Gold trophy. Trophies are a cosmetic item that signify earning a specific milestone for a given operation. For Operation: Hostile Mergers, earning Gold will signify the milestone of rallying your clan or cooperating with other clans to earn points (i.e Solo clans bringing more firepower by working together). Not everyone will get Gold, and that's okay!

Clan Tier Teracotta Bronze Silver Gold
Ghost 8,000 Points 12,000 Points 16,000 Points 20,000 Points
Shadow 24,000 Points 36,000 Points 48,000 Points 60,000 Points
Storm 80,000 Points 120,000 Points 160,000 Points 200,000 Points
Mountain 240,000 Points 360,000 Points 480,000 Points 600,000 Points
Moon 800,000 Points 1,200,000 Points 1,600,000 Points 2,000,000 Points
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