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Fortuna ways to earn standing

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Was talking with a friend about how we have too many syndicates to earn standing for, and you usually earn so little, but my friend had an excellent idea:
Currently it feels rather pointless to capture bases inbetween bounties where you gain access to a temporary base of operations to select more bounties from, isn't it a no-brainer that you're doing something Solaris United benefits from and should earn flat standing for doing, like 500-1000 standing?
(P.S. put in the Plains and in Vallis base of operations, in the tents and whatnot, ammo dispensers so that you can refill/restock/resupply before heading out for another mission.)

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There are a few great fishing spots if you like that thing: south eastern fishing cave, the lake next to the starting point and the double pond nearby give plenty of fish to sell

Mining gives decent standing if you sell gems. There is a great cave to the south I visit daily. 

Finally conservation which is a cute way to get standing. Track animal poo, stun them, profit.

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... Yes, I know those exist, thanks for assuming I have no clue of the game, but I like the fighty game for the fighty mechanics, not for sitting around mining, fishing, and hunting, I'll do those every once in a while, but too much burns me out quickly.
Besides, those give WAY too little standing, like table scraps of amounts, to sell important resources you need for all your crafting, just not worth it at all 90% of the time, fishes on occasion could be sold for some pathetic amounts of a few hundred standing without too much loss.

The point of the topic is, is that there needs to be MORE ways to earn reliably standing for all of these grindy separate syndicates that is more married with the core gameplay, bounties too get to be a bit too much with how long they take and because they rely on specific builds, like Plains you usually need someone who can defend a stationary target and defend a mobile target, and Vallis needs something stealthy for the occasional stealth stage and something to keep a mobile target defended.

Plains has slightly gotten better now that we can hunt animals without elaborate tracking required (also Thumpers giving out fishing resources is a great alternative to fishing!), you can do it on the side as a bonus while focusing on more important fun matters to gain standing and resources from, in fact Vallis could use some of that QoL from the Plains and allow its animals to roam more freely instead of the current scripted way that makes the landscape feel less alive an populated than it was intended to be, and work for players to encounter more opportunities to just spontaneously tranq something that still rewards shooting without having to come prepared like a stealth sniper for everything.

In fact, since bounties are a lot about us earning reputation for Cetus or Fortuna by disrupting Grineer or Corpus operations, why not just give out passively regardless of circumstances on the plains & vallis say 1 point of standing for every regular enemy killed and 5 points of standing for every eximus unit killed, whether you're free roaming or within a bounty, you're still doing the syndicates a favour by messing around with their enemies.

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