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White box "Name1" "Name2" when relic reward shows up.


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I've had this and it's both times been followed up by the game not proceeding after selecting relic rewards. Most annoyed because both times someone has been using vaulted relics (First time was a Valkyr part and the second is Helios Prime Carapace)

Both times the mission end has had the mission end count count down twice and both times have been on Lith Defence on Mars. C

First time I let it sit for five/six minutes (Went and did the dishes...)

Second time long enough to [Edit]Complain and whinge about it again in squad chat which is still active, log on to the forums for perhaps the first time, search for any relevent bug's listed in each sub forum and post this. (~10-11 mins?)

Other (possibley?) useful data points:

  • Not host the first time, host the second time.
  • First time someone left after Wave 5, second time full squad continued.
  • Was last to kill the client both first and second times and did so just before hitting send the second time (Pretyped)


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