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Mission Locked in Relic Selection


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Got stuck in Relic Selection at the end of the mission. Game was not locked up, I could see enemies attacking me and my squad mates. Lag did not seem to be the issue because we could chat normally and we were all seeing the same thing. After exiting (using Alt+F4 because no menu could be pulled up) I logged back in to check my inventory. I did receive the relic I selected but I was also the host so I am not sure if my squad also received theirs. I have left the names intact so that they can submit and have back-up if they did not receive their items (if anything can be done about that). My relic was consumed but I cannot contact the other players to check with them.

7:35 MDT- North America (host)
(Axi) Kelpie, Sedna
Relic Consumed
Relic Item Received
Had to Alt+F4 to exit game

Video of what happened + names of squad mates so they can add to this if they want. @Xynthetic @PapaJay80

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