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Trackers, Data, And All the Worldstate Things

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There's been talks for, pretty much literally years, about having a complete amount of information in the worldstate api.


The Reality

Some fellow players and I got a usable Worldstate mirror set up providing the data from DE's Worldstate PHP (and the console versions) in an easy to use format for more people to use (feel free to read the swagger here, it's actually up to date now and I made a snazzy dark theme for it). However, there's always aspects wanting. @vaur06 brought this up in a past devstream thread,


The worldstate API used by discord bots, websites or other third party applications lack a lot of newer things added to the game over time like kuva missions, invasion mission type, plains weather, plains time of the day, cetus vendor inventory, redtext, etc ... Would it be possible to add those to it ? Pretty please with a cherry on top ?


but we haven't been able to get much traction or desire for this openly. 

Developers, creators, and data fanatics alike need help from all Tenno to get visibility on this.

 From the list of asks that Vaur brought up, some data points that would help a ton with making external trackers (like Warframe Hub), vaur's PrettyBot, and Genesis, the latter two on discord, to have better and more accurate data on what's up in Warframe:

What we need:

  • Kuva missions list, like Syndicates
    • Heck, even just the closest planets
  • Invasion mission type included explicitly, because invasions cycle mission type frequently
  • Current Time of Day on Cetus
    • Both time remaining in the cycle/expiry as well as the localized string for time of day, similar to mission type in the rest of the worldstate
  • Current Weather on Cetus
    • including modifiers would be awesome when they affect Eidola/whatever else
  • Cetus Vendors Inventory
    • Treat them as void traders since there's already an array in there, just add more, at least the data would be there
  • Redtext entries
    • With OID's and whatnot per-message would be super cool
  • Arbitration location, mission type, and modifiers.
    • Modifiers akin to sortie enum
    • Mission type, like fissures now have
    • Location via SolNodes

Now, all of those are asks that vaur brought up in their comment on the DevStream discussion.

What we've done on our own:


Thankfully, some of these have expanded over time either through the use of the drop tables site being tied to bounty tiers from the officially provided drop tables, but like many things, this is simply correlation, not new data, as things we've listed above would provide.

There's always more to learn and get data on. There's some fun little things like a jobs from the Events Syndicate whenever it has any that we can find, but not everything. 


How you can help:

We need your help, Tenno, otherwise we can never drive forward to getting as much data possible for everyone to use.

If there's anything, anything at all that you'd like to be able to be provided, tell us so we can talk about it with you, and so we can show DE in this thread that we are serious and want to make these things available to the player base, with as little extra work apart from making the data available, even if we have to figure out how it's put together. Honestly, I get a thrill from figuring out what some new section of the worldstate php corresponds to.

There's every so often a resurgence in people being willing to help out. We even had a developer stop by our discord the other week talking about stuff they'd done with Destiny 2's API. It is so verbose that it gives per-mission stats that can be polled. How awesome would it be to be able to have a public facing stat page?

DE, we know you've been concerned with security of things like this in the past, but even making it an opt-in via profile and generating API keys, akin to EVE Online, would be leagues better than what we have now, which is basically nothing. There was discussion at Twitchcon 2017 about opening up extensions for things like exposing the players current loadout to let creators make streams more interactive. Can we have some resources dedicated to a bit of this "community engineering" and collaborate with known community developers? We're not going anywhere, and would love to have a chance to give more open feedback.

On a previous incarnation of this thread, we had been told that, after Fortuna, more data would be made available

As of yet, sadly, all we've seen from this is the previously released, very sparse riven data that we haven't seen any iteration or improvement on. That data was released 2 months prior to this posting.

We need you, Tenno, to get involved. Show DE that, even if you aren't a developer or "tool maker" that the data we are looking for matters to you and the community.


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13 minutes ago, 16Bitman said:

While it isn't in the world state yet, semlar recently releassed a kuva + arbitration tracker.


Yeah, i mentioned that they also provide it over a json url that I'm able to consume

11 minutes ago, peterc3 said:

This is a need?

It really is. making sure duplicates aren't send over mass-subscriptions without them gets pretty hard and dicey.

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Just now, slotschii said:

As a Dev/Tool-Builder myself i'd love to see the worldState.json veing expanded opon

btw, for fellow builders, we'd love to talk over projects with you so we can see where we can help eachother

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Just now, Tobiah said:

btw, for fellow builders, we'd love to talk over projects with you so we can see where we can help eachother

we allready have a discord chat open tobiah 😉 (sleoh here)

EDIT: I also cant use a keyboard that well

Edited by slotschii
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2 minutes ago, slotschii said:

we allready have a discord chat open tobiah 😉 (sleoh here)

truth! I was more meaning for those out there that might not know, lol. anyone out there working to better the community's ability to stay informed or make awesome tools for theorycrafting and the whole realm of things.

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I used to have Alerts, Invasions and Outbreaks on my Clan's homepage, and it often gave us a reason to actually log in. Sometimes we ran into one another doing just that and then ended up playing more, when we didn't have anything planned per sé. Now Alerts are gone, which has very notably diminished logins for myself and several of my clannies.

Having the ability to add at the very least the timers for the Day/Night cycle would make it easier for us to coordinate and meet up for an Eidolon Hunt. Yes, Warframe Hub has it. But I want it on my Clan's webpage, and I can't seem to wrap my head around how to make use of those timers from the Hub. I never liked JavaScript or got along with it. Having it part of the same API that has the Alerts etc in it would go a long way of helping out.

As others point out, Arbitrations would be good too.

Tactical Alerts and other Events would be great as well.

Please expand the current API.

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Agreed on all of this, it would help our community even more than it helps now with its capability.

Especially Arbitrations since they are becoming more and more popular!

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