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kuva obtainment -discussion

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Currently we have a few ways to get kuva

  • floods
  • survival fortress
  • minor amount on bounties

But the actual amounts for obtainment vs time spent is rather high to low yeild

to squeeze the most out , usually players use 

  1. booster
  2. kavat

to get the most kuva before running again said missions

  1. [normal run] no boosters in 30 mins can yield 2k-3k kuva
  2. ]with booster only] yield 5k ish kuva 
  3. ]with booster+kavat ] yield 3000 more then normal on average so around 5+3 = 8k as an example 

the amounts we get are not even realistic to the amount of rolls some rivens require and the time spent to gather said kuva 

most rolls on a riven in early stages are a low amount , but rivens you have beyond that are 3500 kuva per roll 

given with all methods to get most kuva after an hour run in survival to get roughly 14000 is roughly 4 rolls on a single riven 

this lead me to contemplate a better dispersal methods and  surmised a few by brainstorming with tenno on pc,xb1,psn to come up with these ideas , so I do not take single credit for these ideas

Kuva Survival  

method 1: 

Have it so you can install 2 lifesupport modules per life support (as the model actually shows two when you install 1)  to scale a doubled drop

method 2 

have it so after 1 hour of play in mission, there is a guaranteed drop of 5k kuva every 30 minutes ,and/ or 10k kuva an hour

method 3 [perhaps new game mode ]

using some sort of device , pull excess kuva from these towers on the tilesets , possibly deploying our own siphoner machine while in survival and keep it alive to gain extra kuva per kuva lifesupport siphon 


Image result for warframe kuva siphon

Image result for warframe kuva siphonRelated image


New mission mode: of disruption but on kuva fortress? or maybe defense

given that disruption on jupiter is a new game mode, maybe have it expanded onto other tiles,  an example of this could be kuva fortress were like on the defense we have giant kuva storage areas we could be pulling from using towers we hack and take keys from kuva gaurdians 


Image result for warframe kuva

if you have any other suggestions or  your own ideas please share ! i wanted to hear what other tenno thought of higher kuva return rates and/ or if you have a method that you think is a good idea to add in !

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4 minutes ago, (PS4)IndianChiefJeff said:

Two words: Scaling. Rewards.

(Proceeds to drop mic onto ground, then proceeds to trip on the mic cord)

that was discussed,but the amount to scale , was always the topic of dispute when it was brought up . we couldnt really decide on a factor % that could scale in a good way

and as stated using a few methods we did have ideas to  scale better

what way to you propose to do it ?

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2 hours ago, (XB1)EternalDrk Mako said:

that was discussed,but the amount to scale , was always the topic of dispute when it was brought up .

The amount is/was irrelevant.

You (the community) have yet to produce a compelling argument to even get DE to consider scaling rewards at all.

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perhaps increasing the kuva by 5 or 10 after every successful completion of a full Rotation Cycle (A.A.B.C) 200> 205 > 210 

this would not be too abusable and even if this was during every C rotation thats about every 5 minutes cus LS spawn is every 90 seconds iirc

i think this is a doable amount (any increase would be nice) which could incentivize longer runs (i typically dont run ANYTHING over an hour anyway cus i get kind of braindead)


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