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I think Fortuna came out in November? So yes, that is pretty big! I'd advise you to go check it out, try the quests, and grind grind grind for that Solaris standing, as it will allow you to get cool stuff and take on more quests! Did I mention pet MOAs?

Another change is the start of melee 2.0. Now, you no longer need to hold E to take out your melee weapon, just press it once to attack instantly! You can press the button you use to shoot to instantly switch back to your Primary or Secondary. Now, when you do an air-to-ground attack, you will land where your crosshair is pointed, so now you can deliver pain from a distance with melee!

The newest addition is the Disruption game mode. Enter the ring, find the keys for the conduits, destroy the demolyst before it destroys the conduit! Keeping the conduits 'alive' will grant rewards.

There is also a new boss on Jupiter, and a new Warframe you can earn - Wisp - by defeating it!

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