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Additional Clan Functions

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Clans could use some more tools as well as changes.

  • Message board: One big board in the clan menu separate from the MOTD that clan owners/admins can modify to display different messages. This can be things like clan rules or notices and the likes.
  • More gradient clan tiers or a dynamic clan tier size. The jump from Storm to Mountain is 200 members. And from Mountain to Moon is 700. I would like to see a 150 tier and a 500/750 tier for more flexibility with managing clans.
  • Contribution leader board overview to see who has donated the most to the clan, currently you have to check each member one by one. 
  • A filter/reset for Clan Equipment usage. The equipment usage for my clan in particular is out of date. The gear that is displayed on the menu has not been relevant for quite some years now and I'd like to see the stat be filtered by default every month or year to be more relevant. 
  • A clan/alliance chat disable functionality. An option for clan owners to disable clan chat in favor of alliance chat. For those smaller clans to talk more to each other rather than keep to themselves. This might help a bit with clans with less active chats. 

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