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Bug Report - Follow The Light


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 Well, it has been a while since I last played WarFrame. I went in after the livestream for the U10 highlights when I realized there were a couple of nice alerts.


 In any case, one of those alerts was a Mobile Defense on Phobos. I found a few interesting bugs and I managed to get outside the map once again. Due to my current lack of time, I did not edit the video and left it as it is. I will leave a small guide after the video so those bugs can be easily followed on the video without having to watch all the pointless running around (first time there, I was actually making a quick recon of the area I was supposed to defend...)



 - 0:14 and 1:17 Melee attacks during wall runs increase the gravity by a massive amount (hardly appreciated on the video). This makes you fall almost immediately to ground level. I should test further this, I am not sure if it is bound to that room only.

 - 0:39 I think this one is not a bug. The minimap shows a larger room that it actually is. I would need to check again, since I am starting to think there is a room downstairs.

 - 1:31 The ceiling had minor flickering on the textures


 - 2:00 My favorite one. The drill allows you to walk normally upwards... This could be turned into a feature later on with some new addition...


 - 3:00 This is what happens if you follow the light at the end of the tunnel... I was always told to not follow it...


 Also, after I stopped recording, I also found out that there are ledges for which you get those "slippery border" results. Specially those leading to the top area. It is probably related to a wall run followed to the edge grab, since it is present in many different maps including Corpus and Grineer ships and it always happens to me after a wall run.


 Edit: Nice. Apparently I still have the bug that does not allow for embedding... I have no idea how I managed to disable that, or bug it. All I see is empty space where the video should be. Just in case the bug is not only on my end, here is the link to the video: 


 If someone actually reads this, I would like to know if the video is actually shown on the post or if the problem is only on my side.

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Video is fine, it was actually fun to watch. That alert was also my first experience with the Grineer settlement, but I did substantially less bug testing.


 Alright, thanks. That means I changed a setting somewhere. Now I need to find out what did I change. Also glad to know that the video was fun to watch :P

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