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Vision Issues and Warframe

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Figured I'd make a post considering the recent UI changes to relics/trading screen and recent issues I've not had the will to speak about. I know DE often listens to their community which is why I feel that I can say this and perhaps it may be read. Keep in mind this comes from someone who does have vision impairments.

As The Jovian Concord update has come out the implementation of the UI for relics when trading has been applied to the general void relic screen. Personally for me looking at the relic trading screen had always been difficult once it was changed due to the way my eyes react to repetitious images, almost like looking through a metal fence. My eyes freak out and it hurts to look at the screen. I may not be the only one here. Another issue I had forgotten to bring up a while back is that, in The Orb Vallis, when you are mining you may stumble across ores that are blue in snowy covered rocks. These ores are quite difficult to see and the blue dots even harder, but personally the biggest issue is the fact that the "Safe zones" of heat when mining are almost impossible to see because they themselves are white on a white background. 

A solution for the first problem could be an option for UIs to look like they did before the changes started, perhaps in a checklist fashion. Like for example, I can check all the UIs I want to look like the legacy UIs and the rest are the updated ones.The second problem with the "Safe zones" is perhaps change the color of the safe zones marker from white to something that can be seen regardless of background in the Orb Vallis. I am not quite sure but I figure the feedback can help you regardless for I cannot be the only one with these isssues. 

One last thing is that I am hoping that more colorblind implementations will be added for those that are colorblind. The UI themes that were added is a step in the right direction and I hope that the support is continued.

Thank you for reading and keep up the great work, DE!

If anyone else has some vision issues relating to Warframe please feel free to share! Perhaps there may be some tips/tricks that can be spread to help with some vision related issues.


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