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Orokin Sabotage - Portal releasing allied latchers


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Noticed this on the last mission I did, but whenever I activate the second console, 2 level 20 latchers come rolling out of the portal, run into the threshold at the top of the staircase there, and continue rolling in place indefinitely. For whatever reason, they are both allied.


Minimap is freaking out because of the portal, But you can still see enemy and ally markers just fine.
Tried the mission again, and this time a Roller also spawned. killed one of them before I could kill it, leaving only the one to continue rolling in place for all eternity.

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I had the same thing today, doing Stribog mission.

This may be related to the Latchers spawning as allies on the Kuva Fortress (a bug first reported on May 26th).

Is it possible that all Latchers are spawning as allies AtM? I can't remember getting one stuck on me recently; that wouldn't be surprising if the Seeker who deployed them immediately started shooting them! XD

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