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So Many Mods, So Little Space...


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With the current mod loadout/layout our playstyles are hindered by the amount of mod slots available to us. Instead of having one pool of slots for everything, what about approaching it from an even more modular design and have different slot capacities depending on those attributes? ( dependant on warframe for uniqueness and variety)


For example, take our stamina mods. Currently, we just put them on the slots available, which would be 10. With my design in mind, the legs represent an upgradeable path with, say 3 slots for Excal. These 3 slots are only available for whatever mods affect stamina, or running or whatever utility would fit there. Now shields and health? That would be about 3 slots each, highlighed near the chest area for your defensive or survivability mods. Melee mods? Using Excal as a rough example, you have about 4 mods available, highlighted at the arms to represent that modular upgrade. Energy related mods? 2 slots on back or such and of course 4 slots dedicated for you powers (So you don't need to choose what powers to take, you have dedicated mod slots for them and only them) You get the idea. To further the uniqueness of frames, some might get more or less mod slots for different attributes in different places(Frost having more defensive than others etc).


I'd draw a picture to show you but I think this is a good enough explanation.


Another Example: Excalibur


Melee: 4 mod slots


Shields: 3 mod slots


Health: 3 mod slots


Stamina: 3 mod slots


Energy: 2 mod slots


Powers: 4 mod slots for each power. If more powers are introduced, you put em here (and then you'd be forced to choose)


Aura: 1 (I'm thinking Trinity gets two to further accentuate its unique support role)



Where does Forma and Catalysts/Reactors fit into all this? I have no clue. They may need to be changed as well. Right now this is just a rough idea to be further refined if the community fancies it enough.


Also for weapons, I think the current pool will work. With a lot more mod slots available to the frames, some weapon mods could be reorganized to be warframe mods instead. I imagine quite a few mods will be shifted or changed altogether.

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     Eh.. I feel both Ideas are to free, why not have everything be a tank with high move speed and long lasting high damage powers? /sarcasm

At least the OP's idea is semi viable but Still.. I think we need "Minor Mod Slots" maybe just 3-5 "minor mod slots" that means mods like:


- Equilibrium

- Heavy impact

- Master Theif

- Reflection


The mods that are -not- simply attribute enhancing.

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