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How the heck are you meant to do the nightwave stealth mission



I went in there with a high duration loki prime.(23 whole seconds of stealth.) Also I was playing in the void, so I basically had unlimited energy from bumping into death orbs. But how are you meant to deal with the heavy gunners there? My vectis does about 3000 damage per shot.

And I don't think the game counts charged chamber either. That mod adds 40% to the first shot in each clip. And the vectis only has 1 bullet in the clip. Yet when I shot an untalerted heavy gunner in the head she didn't die. 

Is there something I'm missing here when it comes to modding my weapons, or do I straight up have to ram a riven into my vectis to make it do enough damage?

 Another thing I don't get. What exactly counts as no enemies seeing you. Do you have to have them all stay 100% unalerted for the  entire mission? Or is it fine if they see a dead body and get suspicious? 

Lastly I noticed some enemies noticed me through a wall. One particular heavy gunner came running towards me after I had shot a lancer she couldn't see. Sure I was firing my vectis a lot. But it had a maxed rank hush on it. It was completely silent.

So is there some way to avoid this happening in the future.. Or is it just poor game design and I should give up on this nightwave task forever?

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Am 13.6.2019 um 11:15 schrieb (NSW)Sabrac:

If you do the mission on Oxomoco, the enemies wont be alerted, because the void has no alarms, so you can basically play the missions normally and will have that challenge completed. it's how i did it and it worked.

Thanks a lot, worked perfectly!

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On 2019-06-14 at 5:36 AM, (PS4)Deadmennwalking said:

" Silent Eliminator
Complete an Extermination mission with level 30 or higher enemies without being detected"


"raise the alarms".

Actually, it's not what you're expecting. It says "Without being detected", but actually, the requirements is to just not raise any alarms at all (the panels that enemies can access)


On 2019-06-14 at 7:49 AM, sam686 said:

E-Prime on earth is exterminate, also have no alarms, yet it doesn't there work after 2 tries. Why?

Because the challenge has the requirement of level 30 or higher enemies.

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