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QoL suggestion for appearance menu

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Hi '-'
This is a small QoL suggestion for our beloved fashion frame.
Add a fourth tab after A B C, called Preview.
The function of this tab would be to test changes, without messing up our A B or C preset, until we are sure we want to override one of them with what we done in this tab.
I personaly have A B C presets for my favorites frames, and when I have a new idea that I want to try, I found myself incapable of destroying A B or C.. T.T
So, a preview tab, only usefull for that purpose of testing without saving, would be a great tool to decide wether or not, this new idea deserve to erase A B or C preset.

- This preview tab would also exist for Operator appearance.

- What we do in this preview tab would not be save if we leave the arsenal. If we stay on this tab, and leave, then we have our A preset.

- In Captura mode however, we could exit the arsenal with the preview preset active. But it will reset when we leave captura.

- An "apply" button somewhere would serve to choose wich preset we want to override.

- Oh and,

What do you think about ? °^°

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