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Where Do Sentinel Vitality Mods Drop?


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I started really playing this game not too long ago. Had tried it when it first came out but let it sit on the back burner for a while. Long Story short, It's been over two months now playing and I have not gotten a single Sentinel Vitality mod. Do they even drop? I get countless Regen and Ridirection daily, and I come across the occasional Guardian every now and then. But so far, no Vitality for Sentinels.

Could someone please give me some riable information as to where I could effectively grind in the hopes of turning up one of these bad boys? My Carrier would definitely appreciate it. I have tried to search the web for info but nothing really solid came up, and I don't want to start running random low level locations that might not even have a % chance to drop it.


Thank you all in advance. <3

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