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new simple relic mechanic concept


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so i've thought about this alot, why isnt there a favorite/select certain relics mechanic in warframe? like, say you wanna farm one thing right, then you search up the relics you need (before jumping into a mission) and for example press RMB on those relics you wanna use, to "favorite" the relics. then you go to a relic mission and those relics you selected show up. i thought it might do to make it a kind of tab that would show up automatically when say 5 waves in defence are over it would make farming for a specific thing so much easier, and you wouldnt have to search up the thing you wanted to farm to find its relic. and in addition to that, what about a button that says "use same relic" as in you use a relic in a mission and you can just press that button and use the same relic, that is if you have more than one of that relic. i, again and again, find it such a hastle to find the right relic, even with the search bar addition. it just kind of frustrates me that i have to search the stuff up since i constantly misspell the names of the things im farming for and end up most of the time not getting a relic in the mission. it also stresses me alot since im on a timer. i hope this is taken into consideration since these mechanics would make it much easier to select the relics you want. good luck <3

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