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Why Are The New Clan Tech Weapons So Damned Expensive


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title says it all.


43 mutagen mass

90k salvage

9.4k circuits

10 forma

120k credits

not counting what it take to research them and replicate the research.


just for 3 weapons and a sentinel  i think this is a bit high.

are they so amazingly game breaking that they should require this kind of farming?

and with all the other crap sharing the reward table with forma from void now this seems extra bad.

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I know, absolutely ridiculous.

I think DE wanted an effective way for the high up players to blow all their credits.

But then they also lowered the rewards for T3 void so...

Noobs can't get love.

Now they've also lowered the credit price, so that doesn't even work anymore.


Edit: Apparently they are also supposed to be buffing the weapons that are expensive to match that of their prices.

Holy hell.

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The more pertinent question: why do the infested weapons cost salvage and Circuits to craft and not nano spores?

30.000 salvage for a gun is just ridiculous, the supra cost 7.000 so perhaps 10.000 for the new stuff is more fitting.

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that thing would need to 1 shot ancients like my strun wraith to be worth 3 forma and 30k salvage

It's got the best DPS in the game (I think), something like 14k, there's a thread about it, page 2 has DPS info (and since nothing has resistance to electric damage, it always deals full damage)

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Only the synapse is worth the crafting cost (not sure about the djinn), the dual ichor are a reskinned cleaver really, and the embolist is a an ignis pre-awesome-buff, but with like a 5 foot range.


Really nope is just a soma with lower dps, that 125 is really the DPS since is a continuous damage meanwhile the soma still having like 150 DPS unmoded and higher critical modifier. Also being a continuous damage means mods with speed rate doesnt nothing for the weapon (even less dps).


in other words NONE OF THOSE WEAPONS worth building right now.

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Im rank 12 nolifer and don't mind the price but I mind that they are pretty bad damage wise atm for to be "end game" weapons.


I don't know do they even calculate potential dps for these weapons before they put them in game. As an example Synapse does 50% of dps what Soma does, feel free to calculate this too if you don't believe me.

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The thing that scares me the most is that Scott said those weapons are getting buffs BUT no words about price reduction in terms of resources.


If EVERY update introduces new weapons (and it will do) and they are going to cost EVERYTIME much more than the guns added before... where are we going exactly? Are we going to have the MIGHTY DEATH RAY that obliterates everything in its path and costs 999 Forma, 450 Mutagen and 3 months to craft? Seriously, I'd like everyone to think about this, cause Warframe is going into a very, VERY bad direction.

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I did math if you buy all credits and materials from market and rush everything it will cost you 3429 platinum for ichors only.

But really theyre not that expensive if you get nekros and start farming, 2 weeks top to get everything.

Ichors are 1 of the best if not the best melee in game atm, embolist is better than spectra (acrid is simply op nothing is better than it), cant say too much about djinn and synapse yet. Costs shouldnt determine power of weapon but even if you look at it that way theyre worth it.

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