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Arbitration Excavation: Tests vs Reward

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So, there is a 'problem' with Excavation Arbitrations, at least as DE sees it. 

Specifically, despite the hardships a specialized team of two can blaze through those missions, finishing an excavation in under two minutes. Which greatly reduces the 'challenge' as opposed to the defences which take much more time. 

Excavations are by far the most popular of arbitration types for this reason. 

And it occurred to me a moment ago in my addled sleep deprived surprise call in to work brain, that the missions are different in what they do. 

Most arbitrations are testing you for excellent game play. Excavations reward you for excellent gameplay. 

One option is that DE take a page out of their own book in Orb Valis, where in there are defense 'missions' that end when you have killed enough enemies. 

This is true in normal defence missions, we just don't get to see the counter. So, some way of letting us kill more, faster--if we want, might work. 

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