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Connection Lost On Mission Launch


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I get very often these problems (in order of frequency):


- disconnects on host migration (99.9% of all migration)

- staying alone when host is migrated to me (100% when the host changes to me; this is particularly frustrating in defense missions)

- the mission start breaks (5% of mission start, cannot leave the lobby for couple of sec then I get the message mission start failed, even if I try to start on my own; this is particularly worrying for alerts, where this happens in 50% not rarely 3 time in a row)


I have disabled the maximum ping requirement in options.


Especially the first error gets very frustrating, because it sometime happens after the mission is nearly completed (eg after a tough fight).


Since we dont know the reason for host migration, we cannot take steps to improve things (bad internet connection, slow pc, host disconnected etc), therefore, a more informative message why the host is being migrated and , ultimately when it fails, what failed would be very helpful. Also a option to disable migration of hosting to myself (if I for example know that the quality of my shared internet connection is changing all the time) can help.


Thank you for the great game and your good work!



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Do you use AVG Antivir ? I found out that this S#&$ piece of code program checks every single file on startup, every single time you use it if not adjusted otherwise. Also it needs 3 exception rules before it lets a program communicate freely.

Id suggest checking your Firewall and Antivir for exception rules. Otherwise, create them for Warframe. What also could help is Port Forwarding. You have to create 2 specific NAT rules in your router settings for that. If you use Windows Vista and above, make it a standard that Warframe is used as Admin.

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thanks for the quick response.


I use the MS Security Essential as my anti virus.


Firewall - I think that if this would be the problem, than no lan game could be started or I would not be able to complete any migration. I am rank 4 now and have experienced I would say 4 successful migratoins, whereby 400 have failed. I have a look through the rules though



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