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Dual Ichor Showcase Right Now!



Rushed it today.

Let's see what we can find out about them.

I think with a crit/attack speed build they might be the best melee weapon.

I ran potatoed Dual Zoren on Ash yesterday, no polarities and it was already insane.

You can stack Melee Charges (Aura), get Rhino Roar and a Volt for more attack speed.

I think this melee weapon will put melee back on the map.


Let's find out together:



Hope to see you guys! :)

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your kind of late people already have synapse rushed


Also, this is not just a first look, but an in-depth analysis of the weapon.


Update: leveled them to 30 today, formad and put em back to 12 again.

They are absolutely insane, currently running them on Ash.

Will continue tomorrow with 1-2 more formas.


Check it out, if you're interested! 

The clan, my viewers and I would be happy to welcome you :)

Edit: Stream up right now :)

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