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The Return of Tyl Regor + The Nautalyst


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Quick Backstory:
- tyl regor is a clone
- transmissions are intercepted exposing a lab hidden in the depths of uranus
- descend underwater to destroy the lab only to find him working on a space/underwater behemoth battleship
- outside is protected by a swarm of rapidly created or deployed space grineer

The Fight:
Phase 1: Destroy the swarms to deplete initial energy reserves. Think Archwing survival against hordes upon hordes of nonstop enemies.
Phase 2: Enter the Nautalyst to find the power source. Maybe turret fights ala star wars and the death star. Or control point destruction/control like interception/disruption.
Phase 3: Land inside the nautalyst. Go through obstacles, hacks, gates, etc to find the lab/core room. Something like the first phase of the LoR... whatever seems refreshing, just long enough (but not take forever) and makes sense.
Phase 4: Discover the new and improved version of tyl regor. Probably a genetic hybrid with sentient armor... and boss mechanics like eidelons, ropolalyst, orbs, etc

The Aftermath:
Take down tyl regor only to have him fall to his knees and press a device on his person or in the room (anywhere really). He begins to glow, as does something else in a nearby room (presumably a power source). "Don't worry Tenno: we are many... we are... end...." he gasps as he falls flat.

A series of explosions is heard in the distance. They draw closer... as you are locked in the room. It's a race against time to escape.

Cool Visuals:
- New Tyl Regor reaching down to pick up a dead Tyl Regor's mask (works as both before and after)
- A cephalopod/nautilus looking spaceship underwater
- A swarm of space grineer... like a school of thousands of barracuda coming after your tasty warframe bits


This would be somewhere between the difficulty of tridolons and raids. Not intended for new players.


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