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Weapon Modding Ui & Top Line In All Screens


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I like most of the new UI looks.


I miss the top line with credit info, which should be in all screens, especially when fusing mods, deciding on upgrades etc. Also a stats comparison for weapons on change would be helpful.


The main arsenal menu could have an action on double click - eg. upgrade - and left click - eg. swap weapon / sentinel / warframe. I like the info for the weapon stats, could only be a little more easy to read (more distinct colour of the font )


What really could use a bit Improvement is the modding (weapons/frames,etc) screen. I think it would be more efficient and user friendly if:


- the installed mods would be in one row, the aura slot can be beneath the orokin icon

- the available mods would be in two or more rows, scrolling down (to be consistent with the big mod screen)

- there would be a simple sort function - eg polarity, cost, name

- the mod list could mark mods already installed; on focus this could also show a info where the mod is installed (to simplify upgrading and fusion)


Thanks & keep the good work


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