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Arsenal - Equipment - Objects Gains Negative Counters For Ammount


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- Since latest update (10.0) i found out that Ammunitionboxes  (could be bought in past) cant be bought anymore.


- Existing Boxes i bought earlier got negative counters for ammount.


- By defeating Bosses i dont get Blueprints out of purple orbs but Ammunitionboxes (those have negative counters in inventory after checking them... as well)


- By picking up purple orbs theres no name shown but only symbols where should be shown the name of collected things.

it looks like:    ******.******.******     (Occured most at Raptor)


- Raptor (Europe-Namaah) gives ammoboxes for Pistols in ammounts of 7-14 - tried four times. Those remain with positive counters


- Other crafted Equipments (groupheal) disappeared. Instead some other kind of Groupheal (color) appeared and increased in quantity.


Does anyone else have this bug?






Just found out that disappeared groupheal got couters of about -200 (two types of them - the new ones - crafted)

Same thing for (remaining) older types of heals (simply bought)


Screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=179908925

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