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Xbox Hard crash in New Jupiter


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OK, this is not the first post about this, but I just wanted to report the problems with the map rework and the ropaloulist boss fight, the most common and Problematic being the crash and total shut down of both the game and Xbox upon contact with objects such as barrels or just by textures over stretching on screen, causing the game to freeze and the Xbox to turn itself off, this is a really severe problem, farming both wisp and getting hexenon it's impossible, and the risk of our Xbox being damaged by the sudden shutdowns is always a big threat, it would be nice to see a hotfix soon, I've had read already that you are aware of this problem, so I'm expectation to see if you can fix this little big problem.

UPDATE. I've just found that the crash upon hitting an enemies or object with meele weapon isn't only in Jupiter, but in the whole solar chart, making it pretty difficult to even play

UPDATE2. seems like the game has been hotfixed, I'll do a couple of tests to check if the bug has disappeared.

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