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Water Animation Bug (easily recreated)

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So, I was doing a lith relic on earth and as I was traveling through the tileset, I found something very strange following me. I had my own personal waterfall constantly falling across the screen, obscuring a lot of what was in front of me. I found this curious, so I re-entered an Earth tile alone with the specific intention of recreating it... and I did by mistake. I figured out that it was by transitional moving, then isolated it further.

To recreate it, first one needs to put their warframe in the water (the effect needs to be on the screen), then they need to enter spoiler mode (the effect still on the screen). After that, they need to dash out of the water and the effect will still be there. They can reenter the water in spoiler mode, then return to their warframe, from there, you bullet jump out of the water and the effect will stick around. This is not cleared by either dying or falling out of bounds.

Just to see whether it is isolated, I asked for a friend's help and had them recreate the bug. And they did so successfully.

While, I think this bug isn't particularly troublesome or even worrisome, it's just bizarre and I thought I might bring it to everyone's attention. 

IMAGE 1: Myself experiencing the bug:


IMAGE 2: My friend experiencing the same bug:


Thanks for reading, and for those wanting to recreate the bug, enjoy your personalized storm.

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