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Operation: Plague Star on All Platforms!

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On 2019-06-25 at 5:47 PM, (NSW)Eclectics said:

I'm honestly genuinely curious about what you do find tedious if not doing the exact same mission over and over 40+ times in a week. 

Well, honestly, if it is about Warframe and to grind something I want, I can hardly imagine an event that I would find tedious.I guess the biggest issue I had so far was the event about fractures on Orb Vallis. That was tough. Since then, I'm not the same I guess. So whatever they throw at me, I just farm it with ease.

Have to admit, it helps a lot that you stop for a few minutes and do something else after a few runs. Like clean a room in your flat, cook something and time additional steps between couple of runs, etc... Yes. That might be the key. And that I only focus on the reward at the end if it becomes boring.

Ever tried it that way? I swear it restarted my mind and found the next couple of rounds fun.

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On 2019-06-18 at 10:51 AM, SSI_Seraph said:

You can reselect the bounty in the camps. On PC at least.

Turns out it's only a select few encampments that carry it. Even so I noticed the event bugs consistently if you pick while on the plains

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