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Courier ships


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I am quite new to this bug report thingy, I really enjoy the game, but in general I dont really like archwing missions, which in itself is my own personal problem, but recently I have encountered the problem where on the courier ship chase missions, the ship consistently gets stuck INSIDE the rocks, sometimes it phases through them which is good, but when it does not I am stuck sitting there waiting for rockets to come up every 75ish seconds, or just restarting the mission. It sadly furiates me to no end because I would just want to be done with these missions in general, but now I have to keep repeating the same mission that I dont even like. Please fix, I beleive this is a game breaking bug, since it makes the missions undoable.

Otherwise I love the game, and thanks in advance!

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I did not know how to link pictures, so here I linked them this way, I just went back to saturn and it literally got stuck the first time I tried the mission this time.

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It doesn't help with your problem, but for future picture linking, if you right click on the picture when looking at your links above, choose "copy image location" if you're in Firefox, or there will be something similar in other browsers. Then click the "insert image from URL" button and paste in there and you'll get this:


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