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Resource boosters not working


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Okay, so I got a 7 day resource booster and a 3 day resource drop chance booster to farm faster sentient cores for standing and neither of them is working. Without boosters I was doing double the amount seen in this picture at the very least. and after 4 eidolon fights i got just the normal 1 eidolon shard even if i had the most pickup count as well. Somebody please help, I don't know what to do now... these boosters literally make me earn 1/4 of the drops...



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I wouldn't expect increased sentient cores, they're not really a resource. They're more like... battle trophies. 

What I do expect and want to complain about is that the drop chance boosters don't seem to have much effect on rarer resources like GALLIUM. I just spent 30 mins with both kinds of boosters and got all of 10 gallium for my trouble. Tired of this, because if you want to decorate the Dojo in order to compete in the remaster contests, then you need literal thousands of the stuff, because almost everything "good" needs it. 

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