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Which Clan Weapon?



I have 1 Forma and I want to build a new Clan weapon but I want to make one which is useful against J2K since most of my weapons are useless against it. FYI I already for Acrid and Torid so another weapon please. (I'm a solo sniper kind of person but I thought other rifles might fare better against J2K than the Lanka, hence, the question)

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I found the Ignis to be very good at hitting his weak spots. I actually went in with Ignis/Acrid expecting to use the Ignis for the mobs and the Acrid on him, but the Ignis worked better. It was easy to hit with and seemed like maybe it was hitting multiple points simultaneously, but I've only fought him once so I could just be wrong about that.


It's kind of hard to keep plenty of ammo for the Ignis though. I wouldn't pick that one unless you are comfy killing the enemies in the level with your pistol and melee weapon, or you have an ammo conversion mod to keep it fueled, or at least ammo boxes.

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(I've seen the new Clan weapon stats.....why did DE even put them in?)

Then time to Lanka I guess, Flux will have to wait

I think the reason on why they added those new ones in is for more variety since we have a lack of infested weapons and Djinn is the first Infested Based Sentinel. I honestly don't care about the stats, but the price is too insane. Small clans pretty much can't get the new weapons because the Mutagen Source has been moved to a more "Grindy" area.


As for the Lanka, haven't tried it yet. Still ranking both Snipetrons :L [snipetron and its Vandal]

Once I get that done and find enough Gallium, I'll be trying it myself lol

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