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Returning Player, What Should I Do?



I tried getting into this game a while back, but was left confused on what to do, resulting in me no longer playing. After a while, and seeing some videos on all the cool new content that came I out, I considered getting back into Warframe. However, my main gripe was that as a noob, I wasted my platinum on junk rather than on slots for frames. This left me debating whether if it'd be worth getting back into the game or not. If I were to get back into the game, what should I do? And beyond buying platinum, how could I get more frame slots? Thanks for any advice that comes along.

Current progress on the starchart is at Uranus, while mastery is at 6

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4 minutes ago, P_tatoKid said:

I wasted my platinum on junk rather than on slots for frames.

Depending how far you are into the game, just make a new account and use the 50 plat more wisely


As for the confused part:

  1. Open the Star Chart. The more missions are available to you the better
  2. Join a Clan. It doesn't matter if you intend to stay but you will get faster help and have access to an already established Research
  3. Complete Quests. Most of them reward you with a Blueprint to a new Warframe
  4. Get platinum (by trading) to buy slots. You will need many of them
  5. Gather different frames so you can fill different positions

Here's a rough progression Route:


Take the time you need to complete it.


A very important tip: If you struggle in missions your first step is looking at your Mods. Do you use the correct ones? Do you use any in the first place?


The "awesome new content" is kinda late game. You need to have good frame/skills and a rather upgraded collection of Mods.

If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask 

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15 minutes ago, GnarlsDarkley said:

Depending how far you are into the game

Just to expand on that, I am just like you, returned to the game...

Give us a comment on how far you are into the game and I recon we could suggest some ideas.


If you're just halfway or less on the star-chart, I say restart the whole game. There is a whole lot you may have missed out on as well as some new mechanics. I would also watch some starter guides if you never learnt stuff like mods and damage types, that's why I left; because I was confused.

If you're quite deep into the game, try and start fresh and go from the start and quickly skim over everything you have done and played through, I emphasize you do this, are you will be confused for the rest of you're Warframe career. 

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