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Unexplained Simulacrum Bug (repeatable)


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The following events resulted in a hard crash to desktop -

+ in simulacrum

+ Deploy 1 Alkonost

+ deploy 1 each of Crewman, Detron, Sniper, Tech, Prod, Overtaker, Terra plasmor, Terra trencher, nullifier, (most important) Warden.

+ Invincibility

annoy them.  The Alkonost will, quickly, pick up a unit to supercharge it.    After supercharging whatever is closest to it, the Alkonost will eventually pick up a warden, and the game will hard crash.

Attempted to recreate this with just wardens + the alkonost, but it does not seem to engage a pure warden corpus team to supercharge them.  Same for 1 crewman + 1 warden.  also ingnores warden with 9x crewman and 1 warden.  Only happens if the warden is mixed in with a multitude of other units.

So, i've gotten it to happen twice this morning.  I hope you can recreate it too.

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