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Can't Refine Some Relics


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I just got hit by the same bug and came to report with repro steps (latest PC build):

0. Interact with the relic console,

1. Choose an unrefined relic for refinement (I checked with neo S5 and neo M1) and select it - make sure that you DO NOT have the same relic at the target refinement level already (this appears to be the cause of the bug)

2. Refine the chosen relic to the target refinement level (I chose radiant) - this refines the relic (expected) and creates a new entry on the list (expected, however this might be where something wrong happens behind the scene), since no relic at that refinement level existed before this step. The new list entry becomes selected (expected)

3. Attempt to select the original unrefined relic for refinement - this is where the UI bugs out, clicking the unrefined relic seems to always select the newly created list entry for the refined relic instead (this is unexpected behavior, expected behavior is selecting the original, unrefined relic that was selected in step 1. and clicked in this step)

The same keeps happening if between 2. and 3. you select a completely different relic and then try selecting the original unrefined one.

Additional notes:

If the list is sorted by names, the original and new entries are most likely side by side (except if the new one would be the last on its row, haven't reproduced this case though). When they are side by side and you hover over the original one, the tooltip for the refined one is displayed instead and originates from the refined relic's entry. The tooltip covers the original entry that you are trying to select, but the click DOES go through (you can confirm by selecting a different relic between steps 2. and 3.).


Now I'm gonna hazard a SWAG (scentific wild-ass guess) and say that this looks like the event handlers for the new entry are listening for events on the original entry in addition to intended ones (hovering and clicking the new entry works as expected). This would get them to fire - either instead of the correct ones for the old entry or after them. Hard to say which, I haven't noticed any expected behavior before the unexpected tooltip, but my rig is rather fast. Hope this might help the devs pinpoint the root cause.

WORKAROUND: Leaving and reactivating the relic console seems to work around the issue and allows you to refine more copies of the original relic to the same refinement level - probably since there already exists at least one relic at the target refinement level with its own list entry when it's being populated.


Hope this helps!




I was trying to reproduce the case where the old and new entries would be on different rows and I discovered something curious. I refined a meso D3, which was last on its row, to radiant while having no radiant ones and expected to get hit by the same bug. However, everything worked as expected in this case. The newly created entry appeared in the row below and both the unrefined and radiant ones work independently - the glow, the tooltip, selection, everything works, however I noticed one small difference. In previous tests, the new entries for refined relics appeared BEFORE the unrefined ones when sorted by names (at least in the case of neo M1, now not so sure about neo S5). This time the new entry appeared AFTER the old one. 


This made me notice another thing. The ordering of the relics is quite inconsistent - for some relics, the radiant entries appear before unrefined, for others after them, regardless of the bug (freshly opened console, no refining, just going through the sorted list). Examples:

- my meso D3 radiant appears after my unrefined ones,

- my meso E2 radiants appear before my unrefined ones,

- neo B5 radiant before unrefined,

- neo G1 radiant after unrefined

Not sure if or how it's connected to the bug. This is starting to seem quite more complicated than I originally thought. I'd be happy to help with more testing, but to be honest I'm not sure where to go next at this point.

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