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The Index is still not rewarding credits on Solo play for me (2019.


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I'm reporting this bug again in the hopes I either get the credits I'm owed or it gets fixed for the future. I originally reported it in the Jovian Concord Update bug thread: the-jovian-concord-update-25-bug-report-megathread but I guess it got missed. I'm reporting this here because the Customer Support page says I shouldn't contact them if it's a bug. I'm a reasonable person, I can understand why that's a policy. However, in a week I will contact support if I don't get an email or something saying my credits have been given or the issue is fixed.

Basically the way it works is if I win I don't get credits and I don't get a list of rewards in the first column of the end game screen:


If I lose it takes the wager from my credit balance. I had never won the Index prior to the Jovian Concord update and hadn't played it much if at all. I was given a credit booster, as a login reward on both occasions, now and back in May. Here are links to an edited video showing the beginning and end of 3 runs solo in Medium Risk Index and one video unedited taken after exiting the game.

Win, Loss, Win in Medium Index Solo Play (edited down video):

Win in Medium Index Solo Play after game exit/re-login (unedited video):


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