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Red eagle icon on full screen map?



I loaded into a a Lith relic spy mission on earth already in progress, and open up my map. I was surprised to see a small red eagle like icon on my map, that was off I the distance. Now the misssion was close to being over and people extracting so I couldnt go and find what it was.  

Now i have been playing a lot, logged in about 400+ hours, and lvl 17 MR, but I haven't been playing for "long" time only about 150 days of login.  


I have never seen this icon before. And I am baphled by it. I regret that I didn't take a screen shot of it in my stupidity.

The icon looked about as big as the green extract icon, it was stationary, red, and looked kind of like an 2d modern eagle looking to the left, - similar  in posstion to the American eagle symbol with out the legs, or kind of like the warhammer 40k eagle icon with one head and more boxy. 


Could someone please help? I feel like I won't sleep for days if I don't get and answer. 

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