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Weapons on kdrives in open world missions


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Its a pretty simple thing, just let us use guns or at least our secondary weapon why on a k drive, the only issue is that there needs to be a way to switch from grinding and from shooting as right click does a flip when on the k drive and if we were to use a gun we are going to aim. The first mode would be grinding mode where we get standing and do all crazy stunts and whatnot for the ventkids to amaze over. In the second mode we only have jump,jump and maybe sliding but cant have the flip, we still earn standing as usual, but instead we have our gun/s to shoot stuff with. 

This idea I got while playing plague star and doing the drone part yes I could bullet jump and other parkour stuff to get faster to it/past it but kdrives are faster than sprinting and makes it easier to control the area around the drone. Also I think players like archwing more cause its faster and you can use weapons at the same time 

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Just today, chasing the drone delivering the Thrax toxin to the boil in Plague Star, I was using my K-Drive because I like it. But just until the point where the first batch of enemies show up, because I can't be bothered to chase the board or make a new one. All because I'm not allowed to shoot on it.

Never did I miss that mechanic like in the 10 runs I did today...I thought exactly the same.

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