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Make charge weapons stats more clear please.


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In this particular case I've been working on the Drakgoon one of my favorite guns in concept that falls short pretty hard later on. With the new shotgun skin with nyx deluxe I decided to really put some work into it with 4 forma and a riven to crank up some status chance since it says it sits at around 23% it did take all 4 dual stats and a status riven but i hit 100% only to see that uncharged it still doesn't do anything. Looking it up in the wiki uncharged is only 10%. I don't use the charge I like spraying multiple shards around with the accelerant mod and multishot. Honestly i'm disappointed by this but i'll make this work since i use it with Nyx i can move to a damage focus with psychic bolts but I ask to please also put on the uncharged stats of these shots. I'm unsure if this is how it is with other charged weapons or if Drakgoon is a special case here but either way I would appreciate it.

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