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plague star abusing work


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And how, exactly, is this an exploit/abuse?

Exploit - Verb - To make use of meanly or unfairly for one's own advantage.
Abuse - Verb - To put to a wrong or improper use.

1. This is not unfairly, as everyone can do it. They are using it for their own advantage, but also for the group.
2. It is not a wrong/improper use, as nearly every ally and enemy can be Switch Teleported or Nova Wormholed.

If you don't like the additional efficiency, don't use it.

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The other day I abused a poor Grineer Lancer by headshotting him with my Rubico Prime. I killed him 'very quickly'. I know, totally unfair but at least he didn't even feel pain.


Jokes aside, yea, working as intended, nothing to see here folks.

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