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Host Migration with Plague Star


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I'm not being awarded the standing for completing the mission.

Twice today I have Joined  groups doing Plague Star and both times a Host migration was triggered near the end of the forth and final Hemocyte emergence. After the Host migration is done I am left by myself, this is not an issues as I am capable of killing  the final Hemocyte  even though  it takes me 3x's as long. The real issue is that after I have killed it and returned to Cetus, I can clearly see on the mission screen the amount of standing I should receive yet The standing has not been added to my Operational Syndicate.  I can buy items just fine but my standing will not increase after my lengthy ordeals with the infested and Vay Hek's Nagging. 

I have checked my Wifi connection, everything is running fine and smoothly.

Just wondering if anyone else has run into this issue / or if anyone can give me some insight on it and if this is a bug I probably won't be wasting my time with this mission.

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