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What if... Guns had stance mods? (And we could do Gun-Fu)


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Now, hear me out, I'm not asking for extra mod space, I'm asking to be able to do this:

Now tell me doing that wouldn't be cool.

In fact, I'll add sauce:



The following however is just the mesa fantasy:


Now can I have stance mods for my guns? 😁

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28 minutes ago, peterc3 said:

Either you would have to be extremely lucky to hit unaimed shots, or you give everyone a version of Mesa's original Peacemakers.

There's no point and DE would shut the game down before doing something so stupid.

It doesn't have to be unaimed or give everyone Mesa's peacemakers, it can blend in with the existing melee system: Patterns.

With melee stances you tap/hold the melee key in specific fashions. With guns, it can simply be firing in a particular pattern, perhaps in tandem with aiming and aim rolling for more complex maneuvers.

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Now tell me doing that wouldn't be cool.

ok, it wouldn't. it would make me feel like a dork. i already don't really like Melee Stances based on the nonsensical and random inputs you have to perform that are not really that great of an idea generally since it's rarely the tactically sensible thing to do.

i like the tools that some of the Stances offer, but the way you access them is prohibitively restrictive to our flexibility in Gameplay, vs being given a toolbox and we use the tools as we see fit.
as basically instead of having a toolbox like that... it's as if to use a tool, you have to tape several other tools to it, and then try and turn that bolt or w/e with it. definitely an ergonomic tool.



it wouldn't be optional either, because Digital Extremes would be sure to 'balance' around their existence and make you(or rather, me) have to use them. :/

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