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Pax bolt dont work with Wisp reservoirs


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i realised my mistake, to activate the effect, we have to place a reservoir first, try not to get the effect o wait to expire or jump into a hole to remove the effect, then do a headshot to the enemy (to activate the arcane) and go into the reservoir previously placed, this way we will get the increased buff

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I was literally on the forums just to see if someone else had posted about this, except I found the issue with Growing Power first and Pax Bolt Second.
That's...interesting that you have to accept the effect while the strength buff is active instead of cast the ability.  Kinda counterintuitive if you ask me.

I do see one, potential, benefit for it working this way, however, but it needs conformation.
Does anyone know if a non-wisp Warframe under the influence of Pax Bolt/Growing Power gets a boosted effect from Reservoir?  Because, if so, that would mean that someone who buffs their own strength would be able to benefit from that even if the Wisp who placed the Reservoir didn't.

EDIT:  "just on the forums" to "on the forums just" in order to better convey that I was here looking for a post about this, vs that I was recently looking for a post about this.  Both are true, but the latter is more accurate.

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Okay, so after grabbing a buddy and messing around, it appears that a Reservoir that hands out a fresh buff (not when it refreshes a duration) will hand out a buff based on its owners current ability strength.  So if you want to get some extra health regen from that vitality node, you're going to have to guess or communicate to figure out when the team Wisp is being influenced by Growing Power or Pax Bolt or whatever.

I guess there...might be some minor benefits to doing it this way, but...  Eh, there are pros and cons.
Big pro I see for this current one is that it gives Wisp more freedom of when she can place Reservoirs and over which one's her teammates use.  Big con is that maximizing buff values requires some quick coordination.
From the perspective of playing Wisp, this current way of doing it is only beneficial, but it's potentially annoying for your teammates.

The point is that I don't know whether or not to request that it be changed.

...For now, I'm going to say I like it how it is.

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