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Nekros's Shadows Of The Dead Bugs


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I would like to report a couple of bugs that Nekros's Shadows Of The Dead has.


Bug #1: When you travel across the map in long distances while you have your shadows if you re-summon your shadows to the new location not all of them appear to your current location.

Proof/Example (Starts at 0:35)(Look closely at mini map)

#Bug #2: The Nox and Amalgans not becoming Shadows after you kill them. During my time playing Nekros I have killed many of these enemies (I have made sure to kill them) but I can never get them to be Shadows. I can get them to be Shadows in the Simulacrum. I have heard people say that the reason this happens because these enemies are lower in the priority list than the melee enemies. Can this be fixed please so the Nox and Amalgans can be high priority in the list.


Video Proof/Example:  

The Simulacrum Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_u9cA3CnDM

In-Game Proof/Example(Starts at 0:00 and 1:05): 





Also Inaros and Reveanant are able to make the Nox and Amalgans minions but Nekros cannot here's proof of Inaros and Reveanant making their minions in both in game and Simularcum.




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