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Long-suffering Lunaro


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Another lunaro topic, there was lot of them

DE, you shortened e-hit lenght but  it's too short now. Make it as long as it was BEFORE chimera, please, also make same with ball spawn, because now it can go wrong direction after throw. 
Video of ball working wrong: (its old - 31 december 2018, but this bug exists)


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this bug is old, and in my opinion easy to fix. only the ball should spawn further from the warframe at the moment you throw it. For the ball speed, yes, it changed at the chimera update, also the trajectory and bounceing physics. Im ok with the ball speed, and such, but the drop mechanism is really bad. Sometimes, if you have ping the ball can go crazy, i mean, it can shoot out from your hand like it was hit by three dash at the same time, without being unstable, and ofc to a random direction. So there is a lot of smaller bugs in the game that even if small they can give hard time for casual and aslo the experienced players.

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To whom it may concern....(DE)


Please return lunaro to the way it was before the chimera update!!! All these "fixes" are really just very bad alterations that ruin this game mode.. Stop changing random nonsense as you see fit and please listen to actual lunaro community as we have expressed time and time again exactly what changes are needed...

Also, please stop saying that no one plays lunaro because that is just rude and insulting to all of us dedicated to this game mode. At this point it is the single reason i even play warframe. That being said i fear I have lost my love for it, because at this moment it is mostly ruined and barely fun. There are over 50 Warframe players on PC that i know and talk to often who play Lunaro religiously. Most of these players are so good they are considered Pros and it is amazing to see them in actionn. However, with this new system, it wouldn't even entice someone who wants to try conclave for the first time to keep playing.  Please stop ignoring us and acting like we are non existant.

That is all



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